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Caring for Your Glueless Human Hair Wig: Tips and Tricks

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You want to look great with less time and money spent at the salon. That is why most people invest in glueless human hair wigs. And make no mistake, a great human hair wig is an investment!

So, knowing how many hours we invest in finding the right wig, color, and style, why do so many people neglect their glueless human hair wigs?

This is often due to a need for more understanding of the routine maintenance these human hair wigs require. This article will explore some of the care recommended for glueless human hair wigs.

Proper storage can prolong the wig’s life and reduce the time needed for restyling.

With our busy lives, clutter can happen to the best of us. Creating a space only for our glueless human hair wigs is the first step in properly caring for them. Depending on the number of wigs we own, this can be a corner of our dresser or an entire wardrobe.

It is almost impossible to properly store long-haired, glueless human hair wigs without a wig stand. These tall stands can be freestanding or tabletop models; many come with adjustable heights.

There are always things that will damage our glueless human hair wigs. Choose a storage space that is safe from these dangers:

  1. Low High humidity can cause damage to your wig. No one wants a mildew or moldy smell on their wigs.
  2. Cool, not cold or A space that is too cold or hot can damage the style and the adhesion of the hair to the wig.
  3. UV Light from the sun can cause bleaching, drying, and frizzing if the glueless human hair wig is left in direct sunlight.
  4. Avoid places with strong odors, such as near cat litter boxes, kitchens, bathrooms, and garages. Odor can cling to glueless human hair wigs.

Delicate! Be gentle and considerate when handling glueless human hair wigs.

While the numerous advantages these wigs offer make up for it, they are among the most fragile. Rough handling can cause shedding, hair breakage, and more. Owners more often damage these wigs by trying to remove tangles and knots than at any other time.

Use a comb with widely spaced tines to remove the tangles. When a brush is needed, select one with soft bristles. There are brushes designed for wigs. Avoid barbed and stiff-bristled brushes, which can damage the glueless human hair wig.

If your wig has tangles and knots, do not panic. This happens and is a simple matter to correct. Select a small area of the wig to work with at a time. Begin working on tangles one by one from bottom to crown.

For severe tangles, a detangling spritz or spray can be used. Select one without fragrances that is gentle and residue-free. These sprays can protect human hair wigs from hair loss during detangling.

Limit washing! Consider a dry shampoo between full washing and conditioning.

Excessive shampooing can cause glueless human hair wigs to become dry and brittle. If it continues, they can even lose their natural oils. This will leave them susceptible to damage from daily use. While we must avoid washing the wigs daily, we still want them to be clean and odor-free.

A dry wash shampoo labeled for wigs is a great choice to keep the wig clean and not dry it out. If you cannot find a dry wash shampoo for wigs, you can use one labeled for human hair instead.

Just look for one that is mild.

These dry shampoos are marketed in aerosol and powder formulas. The spray aerosols are useful when in a hurry or just touching up the glueless human hair wig. When a fuller clean is needed, go with powdered dry shampoo.

The best method to wash your glueless human hair wigs:

Today, shampoos come in many styles, but not all of them are suitable for washing delicate hair or wigs. Shampoos with sulfates or alcohol can cause your human hair wig to become dry and even brittle. Hairs will break, and the wig will become thin as hair is lost.

Avoid high heat when washing. Even human hair is susceptible to extreme temperatures. When washing a glueless human hair wig, your scalp cannot tell you when the water is too hot.

Work up a lather with gentle finger motions. Residue from styling products can need to be cleaned on the top or crown of the wig. Work your fingers down through the wig hair, and avoid swirling your fingers, as this can cause tangles and knots to form.

Rinse twice with fresh water after shampooing the glueless human hair wig. If you leave shampoo suds behind, they can build up and cause damage to the human hair wig. Remember to use lukewarm water to rinse as well as wash.

Condition your glueless human hair wig like a pro stylist!

Some leave-in conditioners leave a greasy residue behind. This coats the hair and weighs it down, which can cause tangling, loss of luster, and damage to your glueless wig. Choose a leave-in condition that is light and easy for the wig’s hair to absorb. Wipe off excess with a dry, fluffy towel.

Applying a leave-in conditioner before styling and combing can help protect the glue-glued wig from styling damage. It can also be used in place of detangling sprays. If possible, avoid using both leave-in conditioners and detanglers simultaneously.

Blow dryers are not glueless human hair wig-friendly!

Heat-powered styling wands, straighteners, and blow dryers are among the most damaging items to glueless wigs. While real human hair wigs can handle some heat, they should be applied in limited doses. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommended settings on your styling tools.

Allow enough time to sit and dry after washing and styling your human hair wig. An oscillating fan moving air around the room where the wig is drying can help speed up the drying of the human hair wig.

Give your glueless human hair wig time off!

Daily wear will reduce the life expectancy of your glueless wig. Consider getting a second wig to allow a break for each wig. Even real human hair wigs can suffer from excessive wear and use.

Multiple wigs can also give you more styling options! Remember that your natural hair will benefit from time off from having the wig on. If you’re not going out that day, consider leaving the wig on its stand and enjoying the luxury of your free time with your natural hair.

Have more questions about how to care for your glueless human hair wig?

Contact a local hair vendor who can answer your questions. Private label is a great choice; helpful professionals are happy to answer your questions locally and online.

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