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How to care for oily skin that you find in pharmacies

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How to care for oily skin

The most basic daily face care routine should be five steps, simple and speedy. The first (depending on whether you wear makeup or not) would be to remove makeup, then comes cleansing, Toner, serum, and hydration. However, we usually skip two of them, the cleanser and the Toner. Hence, we want to rescue its importance.

The first thing would be to say that removing makeup is not the same as cleaning. The cleaner removes dirt, sweat, product residue, or contamination. So, unless the product specifies it, it is not a makeup remover. Instead, we would have to remove makeup and then cleanse the face. After this step, the Tonic would arrive, the one before hydration, which helps us regulate the skin’s PH and prepare it to absorb the rest of the treatment products more effectively, among other virtues.

Oily skin.Oily skin.

No matter how considerable you invest in creams, treatments, or makeup, if our canvas (the face) is not clean and balanced, the result will not be adequate. For this reason, today it is time to talk about cleansers and toners, focusing on options, especially for oily skin.

They are easy to find in any pharmacy or parapharmacy and have various formats and textures to adapt to different needs. In addition, they are indicated for the conditions of oily skin but also sensitive, in a respectful way that does not cause allergies or irritations.

The best toners for oily The best toners for oily 

1. Clarins Iris Toner

It is a toner that balances sebum secretion, hides pores, and eliminates all the impurities that the cleanser did not remove, making the products you apply later penetrate better!

2. Glow Tonic

You’ll love it for getting rid of all those dead skin cells that clog your skin, plus it works as a liquid scrub for even skin tone. The best? It can be functional for the face, neck, nape, and neckline!

3. Purifying Toner

Mattifies reduces inflammation, hydrates, fights bacteria and soothes the complexion with a cocktail rich in essential oils: rose, lavender, citronella, mint, rosemary, and a plus of salicylic acid are its main ingredients.

4. Care, Purifying Toner,

It is one of the best toners because it decongests and minimizes pores simultaneously. Thus, it can remain used by young and middle-aged skin without any problem, thanks to its gentle formulation without oils and witch hazel extract.

5. Clarifying Toner

It is ideal for skin that suffers from acne (or wants to prevent it), as it cleanses all kinds of impurities such as blackheads and retains moisture so as not to leave the face tight or with scales. Eye, sensitive skin can also use it

6. Pur Refreshing Toner

Its infusion of white flowers, lily of the valley. And jasmine refreshes oily skin and removes that annoying shine throughout the day. And don’t worry if you think it’s too astringent, on the contrary! This Toner also relaxes the face and prevents irritation.

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The Allure Blog. Do we discuss What kind of Toner to use for oily skin? Oily skin should choose a tonic lotion “with a sebum-regulating action. These are usually products that normally include alcohol and active ingredients such as salicylic acid that helps to deep clean the pore.” explains the head of Pharmacy Europe, from Puente Genil. How to care for oily skin

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