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Can I Cut My Lace Front Wig?

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Can I cut my lace front wig? Why, yes, you can! All wigs can be cut and styled with heat or chemicals, depending on the wig’s material. And like most hair on your head, your lace front wig can also be trimmed with shears or scissors! If you want to learn more about trimming and cutting your lace front wig, keep reading below for more information about how and when to do it!

Why You Might Want to Cut Your Lace Front Wig

Remember: take good care of your lace front wig, and it will take good care of you! I know it’s tempting to cut your lace front wig when it gets a little old, but human hair lace front wigs are more delicate than regular wigs. The hair is sewn onto a lace base, and any manipulation of the hair–especially cutting–can cause the hair to come loose from the base. If you cut your wig and end up with bald spots, that would be very bad. So if you want to cut your wig, use scissors as sparingly as possible. Also, remember that bleaching or dyeing your wig can damage the hair, so only use those methods if you’re sure about what you’re doing.

What Kind of Scissors Should You Use?

Cutting your lace front wig is best with a pair of thinning shears. These specially designed scissors will gently snip through the hair without pulling or yanking on it. You should start at the bottom and work up to the top, stopping just before reaching the hairline. Make sure to use plenty of spray oil so that your lace front wig doesn’t get snagged on anything. After you’re done cutting, run your fingers through it one last time for an even look.

How to Cut Your Lace Front Wig

I’m sure you have heard the age-old beauty tip that says you can cut your lace front wig to make it look more natural. But is this really true? The answer is YES! You CAN cut your lace front wig, but you need to know a few tricks first. Here’s how to do it Cutting your lace front wig is best done by someone with experience cutting wigs and other hair products. To ensure the best possible results, consult an experienced stylist to help you determine what type of cut would work best for your desired style. For those who prefer to trim their own hair:

  • Wear gloves when handling synthetic fibers.
  • Use small scissors or clippers (a comb will help keep the hair straight and in place).
  • Get some practice on scraps of material before taking on a project.
  • Remove tangles with your fingers instead of pulling on them.
  • Be careful to snip away only a little hair at one time.

Cutting Techniques

Wearing a lace front wig is a great way to change up your look, but sometimes you may want to cut your hair. You can cut your lace front wig by using scissors. Make sure that the scissors are sharp and clean before cutting so that you do not damage the hair. Start by cutting out any large knots or tangles and combing through the rest of the hair with a wide tooth comb before cutting. Start from where the wig starts on your head and work down towards where it ends.

How to Style Your New Look

Lace front wigs are slightly different from traditional hair because they need to be brushed out and styled from the bottom up. Here’s how to do it:

  • Brush the wig from bottom to top, not pulling on the lace.
  • Use a wide-tooth comb to gently detangle any knots or tangles you find.
  • Pull the wig down over your head and use your fingers to style and shape it into place.
  • If you want curls, heat curl your wig with a flat iron or hot curler before brushing out the ends of your hair with a large-tooth comb.

When it comes to lace front wigs, you should always ask your stylist before you cut the wig. Your stylist will know what they can and cannot do with that particular wig without damaging it. If you are intent on cutting your lace front wig, we recommend using a razor blade to ensure that the cut is as precise as possible.

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