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Chic and Stylish Brass Bracelets That You’ll Love

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Brass bracelets make a great accessory to go with nearly any outfit. A bracelet can help you dress up and express yourself or make a timeless, bold statement. Brass bracelets have, over the years with, new designs and types. It makes the shopping experience an adventure worth exploring

The brass bracelet has been essential throughout history. Known for its warm yellowish tones that can gleam as good as gold, brass is a versatile metal with numerous applications. It is used in making musical instruments, decorative items, machinery, household items, and jewelry.

Brass is one of the most popularly used metals for jewelry, partly due to its resemblance to gold. It has been used since its megacosm in making trappy jewelry designs. Due to its affordability, workability, and durability, contumely is a perfect nomination for jewelry and is increasingly used in the jewelry world.

Brass Bracelet for Ladies

Brass Bracelet for Ladies

Brass Bracelet is a Perfect gift for every princess. Ideal gift for loved ones, wife, mothers, sisters, or daughters. Traditional bracelets for women will complement any woman. Women love jewelry as it improves their beauty and gives them the social confidence. You will feel comfortable while wearing it as it has lightweight and skin-friendly. They can also wear it regularly.

Bracelets are an essential pieces of accessories for women. In many communities, women wear the most beautiful bracelets on their wrists as a symbol of beauty. The modern-day woman, on the other hand, loves to use bracelets minimally. There have been many materials used to make bracelets. One of the most common is beads and wire.

Brass is the best long-lasting material used in Indian jewelry making. This bracelet is plated with rose gold, which will help you upgrade your simplicity. The bracelet gives you comfort to adjust it according to you. The chain of the product covered the beautiful silver stone. With a great combination of colors, this bracelet gives an exquisite look to your traditional wear.

Brass Bracelet online

Brass Bracelet onlineThe most common kind of bracelet nowadays is a fashion accessory. The bracelets are worn to enhance the look. Women love to look good. It is common to see a woman rocking a lovely bracelet on her wrist. A bracelet is the ultimate statement piece for every stylish woman. They never go out of style. You can buy a good bracelet that blends easily with your style. On the other hand, a good bracelet can help you stand out when you have a special event to attend.

When it comes to searching for the bracelets you can find different in numbers. Yes you can search for various style and kinds as well you can book it online with amazon, flipchart, meeshu, mytra etc. For brass bracelet you can search on

Brass Bracelet Price

To know more about brass price read on due to its use in decorative and jewellery items  brass is expected to be raised in demand. The brass rate today is about 300-350 per kg which is considered an ideal range to invest in brass. Here we are mentioning the pricess of bracelets.

Turnlock Flex Bracelet


INR 8,331.90Current Price INR 8,331.90

Dune Cuff Bracelet


INR 4,560.62Current Price INR 4,560.62

The undulating shapes of sand dunes drives the design of this slender cuff bracelet handcrafted in Portland, Oregon using traditional and unique techniques.

Boston Celtics Pull-Tie Bracelet


INR 4,209.80Current Price INR 4,209.80

Show everyone your Boston Celtics spirit and distinct sense of style with this BaubleBar bracelet.

How to Clean Brass Bracelet

How to Clean Brass BraceletWhen it comes to cleaning brass jewelry, one must be aware of how prone the surface is to scratches. Because brass scratches easily, you need to be very careful when using abrasive cleaners or methods, so you don’t ruin your beautiful pieces.

Five Ways To Clean Brass Bracelets

1. Soap and Water to clean brass bracelet

While your brass jewelry could use some sprinkling, try cleaning with soap and water first! Just take a washcloth or soft towel and warm it up with warm water. Use a mild soap and gently scrub away any dirt or grime on brass jewelry. Make sure you rinse thoroughly and dry completely! Leaving water on jewelry can result in unwanted water spots after your hard work!

2.Use Vinegar and Salt to Clean Brass Jewelry

Mix half cup of white vinegar with well-nigh one teaspoon of salt solution in a glass bowl. Any on the stove or in the microwave, heat the solution until slightly warm. Mix the solution and then pour your contumely jewelry into your glass bowl. Make sure your contumely jewelry is completely immersed in the solution and let it sit for at least 10 minutes. Without you take your contumely jewelry out of the solution, you can use a reticulum to wipe yonder any tarnish or simply wipe off the build-up.

3. Use Vinegar and sultry soda to wipe contumely bracelet

Use white vinegar as in the previous mixture. Take some sultry soda in a small trencher and mix it with some vinegar. You will be making a paste-like solution that you will stain your contumely jewelry with a reticulum or brush. By leaving the paste on the contumely jewelry for 15 to 20 minutes, the wounding and sodium will work together to remove unwanted tarnish from your jewelry. Make sure to wash your contumely jewelry thoroughly and dry it without the required time is up.

4. Lemon and salt to wipe contumely bracelet

Start by wearing a lemon or lime in half. Place the unshut half in a small trencher of salt making sure the surface zone is covered in salt. Use a salt-coated lemon or lime to gently scrub the contumely jewelry. Add increasingly salt as needed, and remember to be very gentle when scrubbing so the salt doesn’t forfeiture your jewelry. Wash and dry your items as new contumely jewelry.


Nowadays, everyone owns a piece of contumely jewelry. From online retailers to jewelry designers. Contumely jewelry has certainly made a name for itself. In the jewelry industry, contumely has largely been successful in creating lulu jewelry designs similar to gold but at an affordable price. Due to its appearance, functionality, and strength, it is gaining increasingly popularity in the jewelry world.

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