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A Beard Roller remains a facial tool with tiny needles rolled over the skin to improve blood flow and skin texture. The Beard Tool uses this micro-needling process for overall skin health and thicker beard growth.

What is the Beard Roller for the Beard?

What is the Beard Roller for the Beard_

The Beard Roller is a manual device with stainless steel needles stimulating blood flow and facial follicles through the cutting inserts. These microlesions create specific channels to access the dermis and improve blood circulation directly. Once this is done, the beard’s growth will be progressively promoting.

Another advantage this roller has on the face is that the skin will generate keratin and collagen along with cell regeneration. However, a warning deserves to be shared: once you have started the treatment, you should not be exposed to the sun, much less to salt water, for around 24 hours. And much less, use it on skin with fungus or active acne.

If I am Hairless, do I Use a Beard Roller?

The roller for the beard is recommended and guaranteed for men with minimal facial hair, either sparse or hollow with a beard. If there is no evidence of a single hair on the cheeks and chin, this device is rule out for use.

Cases with alopecia or other hereditary factors that prevent hair growth are exclude from this roller. When no hair is recognized, and it is confirm that your problem is genetic, the only and main medical option will be to resort to a beard implant. This way, your beard would be covered entirely with many guarantees.

How to Use a Beard Roller

Much like exfoliating your beard, a derma is a simple tool that you roll over your face to improve skin texture and excite hair growth.

There are a few simple stages to ensure you become the greatest out of a beard curler and improve your hair growth:

  • Wash your face and beard with a slight cleanser, then dry your skin and beard completely.
  • Place the derma roller on any area with hair loss and gently roll it around, letting the microneedles penetrate your skin.
  • Do not press too hard on the needles (blood does not need to be drawn for results).
  • Apply a beard oil after dermis to enhance growth.
  • Optional: Use minoxidil creams on bald spots to further enhance hair growth.

You should only use a derma roller 1-2 times a week. Additional use over what is recommended will not help with facial hair growth and might damage your skin as it wants time to heal and repair itself.

Beard Implant Candidates

The exclusive candidates for the beard implant are all those who need to activate their follicular life cycle to promote their beard growth. Hairless patients or patients with alopecia are specific candidates because they are cases with no hair on the face that present significant changes and results. That is, a more than homogeneous and voluminous beard.

This result coincides a lot with the derma roller for the because it is not immediate. However, the growth of this facial hair requires a great deal of stimulation and further growth week after week. Both are different because the beard implant presents permanent results, so you will never have to worry about requesting another surgery or an additional session.

Other Functionality of the Beard Roller

Other Functionality of the Beard Roller

The derma roller is not only creat to encourage growth but also to eliminate the aftermath of acne. When entering the skin, the microneedles penetrate the epidermis and give way to the new skin, naturally erasing all signs of imperfection. But of course, this does not lead to doing it every day of the week, just two and leaving the rest in less than 24 hours.

If you are interested in increasing your beard, getting rid of those annoying acne marks is your opportunity.

How do Beard Rollers Work?

A roller works with microneedles on facial areas where hair growth is desire. The roller usually has up to 540 tiny titanium needles pierce the dermis. Minor injury activates nutrient-rich blood and collagen-rich tissue to stimulate the growth of new facial hair.

The best beard rollers are usually made of titanium, the premium rollers gold-plated, and the cheaper plastic version.

Women first used Derma rollers to smooth skin and reduce rosacea. However, when men began using these devices on uneven beards, they found that they caused significant facial hair growth.

The Science Behind Beard Roller

Derma rolling has remained around for years, and studies show that it can recover hair growth, whether it’s for the beard or the scalp. Side effects are minimal to mild and can help with collagen and keratin production.

Although derma rollers and beard rollers are market differently by brands, they have the same design. It is how derma rollers help with beard growth:

Microneedle Beard

Tiny microneedles on the derma roller pierce your skin, and as your body begins healing, blood and hormones rush to the area. For men, this can lead to better follicular growth.

Previously, men believed brushing their beards with a boar bristle brush would also help, but derma roller needles go one step further.

Both keratin and collagen are essential components for hair growth, and both can stimulate derma rolling.

Derma Rolling for Beard Growth

I found that the best way to use beard rollers for hair growth is by adding a few other beard growth hacks to stimulate growth. For example, beard oil can condition your skin and lead to healthy follicular development.

Combine Hair Loss Products With Roll Up

Minoxidil hair loss creams also help with beard growth, primarily when used with a beard skin roller. You don’t have to use much to fill in the patches, but if you want thicker hair growth, a light application daily with derma rolling is a good idea for faster growth.


The Beard Roller is a manual device with stainless steel needles stimulating blood flow and facial follicles through the cutting inserts. These microlesions create specific channels to access the dermis and improve blood circulation directly.

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