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Definition of NY Bae and NY Bae Lipstick Review

Definition of NY Bae and NY Bae Lipstick Review

Definition of NY Bae

Is NY Bae a brand?

Manish Taneja, Co-Founder of, states, “Our vision is to deliver specialized, high performance, ultra-glam makeup products to millennials through our exclusive brand NY Bae. Also, Admirers of NY Bae look up to the brand as a source of hope, motivation, passion, and beauty.

Who owns NY BAE?

Shakti Mohan Promotions Her Personal Cosmetic Line ‘NY Bae X Shakti’. A Popular Dance and choreographer, Shakti Mohan, Who remained first seen in the ZeeTV show, Dance India Dance, has impressed all of us with her skills. Also, After making a stain in the territory, Shakti has turned into a beauty entrepreneur and launched her cosmetic line, NY Bae x Shakti, in collaboration with

Are NY BAE lipsticks good?

Overall, I loved NY Bae Liquid Lipsticks as these are very inexpensive, lead and toxicity accessible, smudge-proof, water-resistant, transfer waterproof, and highly pigmented. Also, The best fragment is these lipsticks do not kind of a big hole in the pocket. So, I would recommend buying these.

The most affordable NY Bae Lipstick Review

Today, I will review NY Bae Lipsticks, the most affordable Lipstick in India. Also, NY Bae is the cheapest brand of Lipsticks that offers a massive range of shades. Also, It has the picture-perfect shade for every skin tone and appearance. Now let’s see the detailed  examination of NY Bae Matte Lipsticks

NY Bae Lipsticks are offered only on and come in a wide range of 30 changed shades. So, now you can discover the perfect shade according to the occasion

Details of NY Bae Lipsticks

Super Matter Lipsticks

NY Bae Super Matter Lipstick trades for Rs 149, and we get a 4.2g product. However, I got them for Rs75 each. Also, They come as it is, with no outer packaging, wrapped in a plastic coating. These look and feel very cheap. Also, I got five shapes, and all have a different formula. None of them super matters. The color payoff is also not great, and I had to wipe almost all of them 4 to 5 times to get the color on my lips.


Runway Lipstick with Argan oil

NY Bae Runway Lipstick with Argan oil trades for Rs 175, and we get a 4.8g produce. However, I became them for Rs 88 each. Also, These do come with external cardboard packaging. The bullet looks golden shiny and lovely from a distance, but it looks cheap in the hands. This range is extra pigmented than the super matter Lipstick and is comparatively more matte.


Pros of NY Bae Lipsticks

Is NY BAE Vegan?

Although, NY Bae Super Matte Nude Lipsticks Combo – Peppy Pearson 1, Impeccable Isabella 15, Passionate Pamela 12 is vegan, free from parabens, and not tested on animals.

Is NY BAE Cruelty-Free?

NY Bae Argan Oil Infused Matte Lipstick Runway Range Nude – Trends 4 (4.5 g) – Highly Pigmented & Long Lasting – Cruelty-Free.

What Lipstick Remains Not Tested On Animals?

Emani Hydrating Lip Color. Email is a 100 percent vegan makeup company. Also, its long-lasting lipstick is infused with natural fruit, vitamin E, and essential oils to hydrate your lips.

What Is The Most Expensive Lipstick?

Although, Couture Beauty Diamond lipstick. Also, The most expensive lipstick is the H. Couture Beauty Diamond lipstick. Also, This lipstick remained made by the H. Couture Beauty Diamond company, sculpted from 110g of 18 karat gold.

How Do You Open The NY BAE Lip Crayon?

Although, NY Bae Lip Crayons come in pencil form. They are not retractable. So, it would help if you sharpened them when required. Also, If excellent coverage and the high color payoff get you going, you will love our NY Bae Lip Crayons. It is super continuing and highly pigmented, so you don’t have to worry about continuous re-application. Also, This must-have crayon lipstick has an easy texture with a silky matte finish. With stunning shades that don’t fail to impress, it provides maximum coverage with the right amount of color. The NY Bae Crayon has a creamy constancy that eventually settles into a matte finish.

Staying Power:

Although, The staying power depends on how and where you’re going to wear this. The lip crayons last the most when you have light meals or don’t eat. Also, Touch-ups are of great help as well. It, unfortunately, does not survive heavy meals or drinks. The staying power is around 3-4 hours on average.



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The Allure Blog. Do we discuss how you open the NY BAE lip crayon? NY Bae Lip Crayons come in pencil form. They are not retractable. So, you need to sharpen them when required. Also, And Couture Beauty Diamond lipstick. Also, The most expensive lipstick.

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