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Why Was Oumniya Channel’s Video /Lm2frbykity Blocked?

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/Lm2frbykity – Have you ever had a YouTube video blocked? It can be a frustrating experience. The case of the Oumniya channel’s “” video is no different. Millions of viewers were left confuse when their attempt to watch the video resulted in an error message. So why was this video blocked?

This blog post will discuss what happened to the Oumniya channel’s “/lm2frbykity” YouTube video and why it was blocked from being viewed. We will also explore what you can do if your videos are blocked due to copyright or other issues. Finally, we will provide some tips for creating content that is unlikely to be blocked by YouTube or other platforms.

Background to Oumniya Channel

Background to Oumniya ChannelYou may have heard of Oumniya Channel, the YouTube channel run by three sisters, Amal, Nadia, and Yasmin. Last week, YouTube blocked their video /Lm2frbykity, which had gone viral in just a few days. So why was the video blocked?

The video focused on the problems of body shaming and shaming of women who chose to wear makeup or not dress in a certain way. The sisters discussed their experiences with bullying and how it affected their self-confidence. By talking about a taboo topic so openly and honestly, their message resonated with viewers worldwide.

Unfortunately, following the massive response from viewers, YouTube deemed that the video contained “inappropriate content” and blocked it from being viewed by anyone under 18 years old. It is important to note that this was done without notifying the three sisters or giving them a chance to appeal or modify the content.

This latest incident shows that YouTube needs to take better steps to ensure that videos that do not violate its guidelines are not pull down without warning or explanation.

What Was /Lm2frbykity?

What Was _Lm2frbykity_/Lm2frbykity, or “The Answer Is in the Title,” was a popular video created by Oumniya Channel, a YouTube channel with over 500,000 subscribers. The video was widely shared and viewed and has accumulated over 6 million views since its release on February 23, 2018.

The video provided an answer to an unanswered question asked in several places around the Internet. It featured a live-action montage of several people answering the question in various settings with humorous music playing in the background.

The content of /Lm2frbykity itself was not the issue; it appears it was block due to copyright claims on the song used. YouTube has responded that “the video /Lm2frbykity is no longer available due to a correct claim and has not provided further information.

This case highlights one of YouTube’s long-running issues—using copyrighted material without permission from rights holders—and raises questions about content creators’ rights to use materials available under fair use laws. Unfortunately, it also means that /Lm2frbykity is no longer available for viewing on YouTube.

The Reason the Video Was Blocked

Have you heard about Oumniya Channel’s YouTube video /Lm2frbykity has blocked? It was a surprise, especially since the channel had never experienced a blocked video before. So why was the footage suddenly taken down?

There are several reasons why YouTube might block a video. In this case, it could have been due to violations of YouTube’s Community Guidelines or copyright infringement. Here is a summary of the situations that might cause YouTube to block a video:

  1. Violations of YouTube’s community guidelines, including hate speech and ransomware
  2. Copyright infringement
  3. Usage of music owned by a third party without permission
  4. Use of inappropriate language
  5. Video content that violates specific local laws
  6. Promoting dangerous activities or providing instructions on how to perform hazardous tasks
  7. Use of false or misleading titles, descriptions, and thumbnail images
  8. Spam activities such as posting content with too many links

The exact reason why Oumniya Channel’s video got blocked remains unknown. Still, it is best practice to follow YouTube’s Community Guidelines and pay any necessary royalties when utilizing someone else’s music in your videos to avoid similar problems in the future.

Impact of the Blocking on Oumniya’s Viewership

When the /Lm2frbykity video was remove from YouTube, this caused a ripple effect throughout the Internet: not only was the video going, but Oumniya Channel’s viewership had taken an immediate and dramatic hit.

In the first week after YouTube blocked /Lm2frbykity, Oumniya Channel’s daily views dropped by over 30 percent. That trend continued over the next two weeks, with viewership down 50 percent from its peak.

The online community noticed this sudden drop in viewer numbers, and many flocked to social media to express their shock and disappointment. On the other hand, Oumniya Channel’s comment section was flooded with messages of support and encouragement. As viewers hoped that the channel would soon recover from the hit to its viewership.

How Did Viewers React?

When /lm2frbykity was blocked, Oumniya Channel viewers had much to say about the situation. However, the YouTube community was split on the matter. Some viewers expressed sympathy for Oumniya Channel, and others were outraged that a video they had been waiting months to watch had been pulling.

Many viewers felt that YouTube had overstepped its authority in this situation and should have allowed the video to remain on the platform even though it didn’t meet YouTube’s guidelines. In addition, they argued that it was unfair of YouTube to take down a video that people had waited so long to see since the audience was not responsible for any potential content violations.

Others defended YouTube’s decision to block the video, citing concerns about copyright issues and offensive content. They said that if the video did not meet YouTube’s standards, it was right to be remove from the platform.

The controversy surrounding /lm2frbykity highlights how difficult it can be for creators to navigate YouTube’s guidelines without running afoul of policies or risking their videos being removed from the site.

Preventing Videos from Being Blocked in the Future

Preventing videos has blocked on YouTube in the future largely depends on the content and how it is present. YouTube considers many factors when deciding whether or not to stop a video, but ensuring that content is clean and compliant with their terms of service is the best way to reduce the chances of videos being blocked.

Below are some points you can take to ensure that your videos are safe from being blocked:

  1. Comply with copyright laws: always use royalty-free images, music, and other content in your videos.
  2. Provide accurate meta-data: always include correct tags and descriptions for each video you upload to help YouTube’s algorithm understand what it is about.
  3. Monitor comments: check for inappropriate comments and flagged words regularly. As YouTube may remove or block videos if they find offensive comments or language in them.
  4. Read YouTube’s Community Guidelines: always keep an eye on any updates they make to their guidelines and ensure your content follows them at all times.
  5. Be mindful of age restrictions: if you’re creating content that viewers could see under 18. Ensure is appropriate for all ages and follows YouTube’s age-restricted content guidelines.

By following these tips, you’ll be on your way to ensuring that your videos avoid being blocked in the future!


Why Oumniya Channel’s video /Lm2frbykity has a block on YouTube is unclear. It could be due to specific keywords or hashtags that were use in the video. Or it could be due to a copyright or licensing dispute.

Regardless, this incident raises an important issue: online censorship has been increasing worldwide in recent years. Sometimes without oversight or knowing why a specific video or post has been blocked. Not only does this limit freedom of expression. But it can also have a chilling effect on discourse and disrupt the flow of information on the Internet.

Authorities and social media networks must take the precautions necessary to ensure complete transparency and accountability when censoring user-generated content. Oumniya Channel’s blocking incident is a reminder of this. It’s a reminder that we all need to be vigilant in protecting our digital rights.

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