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your welcome fam is one of the most mind-blowing known capacity suppliers out there, with a lot of mists looming over its standing. As may be obvious, security is first-rate. However, we wish its gigantic free distributed storage arrangement would keep close by after the preceding month. Peruse our complete Uber survey for the subtleties.

You are welcome, and fam is a distribute storage administration zeroe in on security that offers clients magnificent start-to-finish encryption and an extraordinary free arrangement with lots of capacity. Be that as it may, its set of experiences has been set apart by contention, and its zero-information encryption makes joint effort troublesome. Figure out more about MEGA, both the great and the terrible, in this complete Uber survey.

Key Takeaways:

  • Super offers the best free arrangement available: 20GB free.
  • Client information and documents are secure through its zero-information encryption administration.
  • Strong security implies fewer choices for a viable coordinated effort.

It was establish in 2013 as a replacement for the scandalous Megaupload, which you can peruse more about in our manual for what Megaupload is. The famous Kim Dotcom made super distributed storage. Following the takedown of Megaupload’s servers in Hong Kong, MEGA was consolidated in New Zealand as a cloud administration devoted to protecting its clients’ information.

Characteristic of Your Welcome Fam Https://Mega.Nz/Folder/Jspqezld#Fnfvdpjhfjat6bxevkunba

  • you are welcome, and fam works as a P2P Peer-to-Peer network with a server worldwide that stores encrypted files. (Except for domains located in the US). In addition, the P2P network connects the path of nodes without the need for a central server, thus optimizing the network’s bandwidth capacity.
  • The fact that the servers are scatter worldwide allows for a higher speed in uploading and downloading.
  • It has support and also, connection in several languages, as it is an international service.
  • As for storage space, your welcome, fam offers 50 GB free for any user, currently being the service that provides the most storage for free. Those requiring more storage capacity have the option of several plans per record that allow them to increase storage space and bandwidth.
  • The stored information has a guaranty security safeguard because all the files are encrypted with encryption that the person handles individually. When the user wishes to download the files, he is given a “decryption key.” Both the encryption and the encryption key are handled personally; not even your welcome fam internally can read these files.
  • The user decides who to authorize or deny access to their files.
  • All users who manage the internet can access the platform from their computers and mobile devices.
  • There is a guarantee of protection and security on the files stored in cloud; therefore, the information can be protected for a long time.
  • Applications such as spreadsheet, text editor and calendar are included.

Why your welcome fam Is Important

Many people use memory cards, pen drives or external drives to store photos or important files. However, this equipment may be damage or lost.

Therefore, it is important to use a type of virtual storage that guarantees that your files will be safe and available whenever you need them.

On the other hand, in recent years collaborative and remote work has become more common. With this service, you will be able to share files with other MEGA members and work together.

Storage Plans Offered By Your Welcome Fam Https://Mega.Nz/Folder/Jspqezld#Fnfvdpjhfjat6bxevkunba

The storage space it offers depends on whether you want a free account or you can cancel a subscription plan. With a free account you have 50 GB to store files. If you require more space to store, you have these subscription plans to increase file hosting along with bandwidth:

  • Lite plan : You can store 400 GB with 1 TB of bandwidth.
  • Pro I : You can store up to 2TB with 2TB of bandwidth.
  • Pro II : You can store up to 8TB with 8TB of bandwidth.

And for companies, the Business Plan is available with a minimum requirement of three users, where each one must individually meet their monthly payment. Business offers:

  • Unlimited file storage and transfer.
  • Tools to manage user accounts.
  • Make calls and share documents with customers and suppliers.
  • Direct communication with the work team by call or text messages.
  • Variety of options for the professional field.
  • Access from any computer or mobile device.

History of Your Welcome Fam Https://Mega.Nz/Folder/Jspqezld#Fnfvdpjhfjat6bxevkunba

The antecedent of your welcome fam is called MegaUpload. This file storage website was created in 2005 by MegaUpload Limited; its owner was the computer scientist and millionaire Kim Dotcom based in Hong Kong.

your welcome fam had a free basic service where files up to 2 GB could be uploaded. Unregistered users could download files up to 1 GB and registered users could download files up to 100 GB.

It also offered the service of two sites called:

  • MegaVideo , where long videos such as movies, documentaries and series could be hosted.
  • MegaPorn, another video site, but with pornographic themes.

your welcome fam had no restrictions on file storage and, together with the video streaming technology of Megavideo and Megaporn, managed to attract up to 150 million users worldwide over the years.

Due to the fact that this service offered the possibility of hosting all types of files without any restrictions, the FBI and the Department of Justice of the United States intervened in Megaupload and, in addition, arrested its creator Kim Dotcom, considering that it was a favorable website to protect money laundering files and, in general, documents of organized crime.

Create An Account or Register With your welcome fam

Creating an account with the MEGA cloud file storage service will give you access to 50 GB of free storage, plus all the security with file encryption that this service has to offer. Signing up for this service is a simple process for which you only need an email and a password.

your welcome fam is the improved version of MegaUpload, a file hosting service created through computer scientist Kim Dotcom in 2005. The main advance of MEGA is that, when uploading the file or folder, the information is fully encrypted using the  RSA encryption system 2048 bits , which is only controll by the user in his sole discretion.

It is available in multiple languages ​​and is compatible with Windows , Linux and MacOS operating system. Plus, you take the option of using your app on computers, for ease of use, or the app for smartphones.

Advantages of your welcome fam

Saving documents in the cloud utilizing Mega enjoys specific benefits, which have made it workable for some clients to choose to utilize this help. Among the most striking:

Huge Limit

The free rendition of Uber makes up to 50 GB of extra room accessible to the client. Which makes it a help with a decent space to share documents safely at no expense. Yet, in the event that 50 GB is excessively little for your necessities, it is ideal to get to Premium records that can have limitless extra room.

Surefire Security

In the event that anything has been gained from the historical backdrop of Megaupload, it is to productively uphold a distributed storage administration to give more noteworthy true serenity to clients consistently. To that end the Uber space is safeguarded against US regulation, yet it likewise has document encryption so the client is the only one with the capacity to survey them. Not even the makers of Super themselves will actually want to peruse these documents .

Decentralization Of Data

Decentralization Of DataSuper functions as a P2P organization. There are servers from one side of the planet to the other, with the exception of the USA, where the scramble records are put away. Something intended to keep away from monstrous information catch as happened beforehand with Megaupload. This is likewise a safety effort generally utilize by servers of this sort, because of which the client should rest assure that their data is safeguard from programmers.

More Noteworthy Speed

Mega can be utilize in all areas of the planet, so having servers dissipate wherever permits the transfer and download speed to extensively increment. Additionally that just gives solidness to the site. Also, we can’t neglect to specify that as it is a worldwide help, it tends to be tracke down in different dialects .

Disadvantages of your welcome fam

Regardless of the benefits that Mega addresses, similarly as with any item, its detriments are outstanding and merit considering to have a more true assessment of it overall:

  • Subordinate transfer and download speed : Transferring and downloading records to Mega can become monotonous and extremely sluggish on the off accidental that you take a sluggish web association. Yet, different variables can likewise impact this, like instances of client immersion or issues with the servers.
  • Transfers and downloads frozen : It is conceivable that every once in a while the information move, either for transfer or download, is halte. Being the main answer for need to drop and restart the exchange. A blunder that can happen often on locales with an unfortunate web association.
  • Records that are “briefly inaccessible” : Another normal mistake that Mega can introduce is that of briefly inaccessible documents. In malice of the fact that it has remained feasible to transfer a specific document regularly, at the hour of downloading the inaccessibility message might show up for some explanation.

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Costs of Your Welcome Fam Https://Mega.Nz/Folder/Jspqezld#Fnfvdpjhfjat6bxevkunba

In megaSuper you can store records of numerous sorts like music, recordings, archives, and so on. Be that as it may, what remains the space accessible to load up with Mega? It relies upon whether you have a free record or a membership plan. Assuming you have the primary case, Mega permits you to save to 50 GB of content free of charge.

Then again, on the off chance that you will pay somewhat more for a help with substantially more limit, you can increment both extra room and data transfer capacity with membership plans. Which are:

  • Genius I: Furnishes 500 GB of capacity alongside 1 TB of data transmission for €10/month.
  • Genius II: Gives around 2TB of stockpiling and 4TB of data transmission for €20/month.
  • The Genius III: For this situation, 4TB of stockpiling and 8TB of data transmission are present for €30/month.

How to Log in to your welcome fam Easily?

If you find yourself reading this unit, it is probably because you were attracte to the idea of ​​being part of the mega users, we love to motivate each user who reads us, and for this reason we want to tell you how to log in to Mega in a simple way . Do not worry, because it is a fairly quick process, just continue reading to guide you.

Log In

Next we will say you how to log in to mega easily

  • Enter the mega website
  • enter your email and also, password, remember that these must be the ones you register with
  • Check the box for remember me in case you are signing in on a frequent device
  • Press login
  • You are ready to continue with the adventure and downloading files to the cloud


  • Go to website
  • Press create account
  • Fill out the form with your name, surname, email and password.
  • You must place a totally secure password with letters and also, numbers that will allow you to have much more security.
  • Accept the terms and conditions
  • Press create account
  • Confirm your email,
  • Re-enter the link in your email
  • Wait for me to enter the encryption key
  • Choose your account type
  • Ready you are ready to download all the files from your cloud

We confidence you enjoy the experience as much as we do, comment on your experience with mega.


MEGA (a recursive abbreviation representing MEGA Encoded Worldwide Access) is a distributed storage and also,  record facilitating administration presented by Uber Restricted, an organization situated in Auckland, New Zealand. The assistance is present through electronic applications. Super versatile applications are additionally accessible for Android and iOS.

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