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10 Fortnite Anime Skin that Looks Like Anime Characters

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Fortnite anime skin players can’t go wrong spending V-Bucks on one of their many anime skins. Their character models have unique art styles that differ significantly from typical battle royale skin designs and tend to appear much extra light-hearted and playful. However, with new anime skins released more frequently, it’s easy to forget which one is the high king. So, here are the ten best anime skins currently in Fortnite anime skin, listed in alphabetical order.


Best Anime-Style Skins in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2

Here is a list of some of the best skins that have arrived in Fortnite up until Chapter 3, Season 2 that look like anime characters.


Like Ela from Rainbow Six Siege, the animate Chigusa is a female character dressed in SWAT gear. It includes a black bulletproof vest and matching baseball cap. However, as most of her body is covered in a grey raincoat, Chigusa can also be excruciatingly tricky to spot from a distance. This perk alone has made the skin a must-have; thankfully, it frequents the item shop frequently. Chigusa and two other excellent anime skins are exclusively available in the Cyber ​​Infiltration Pack, a pack that has appeared in 103 stores since April 2021.


Erisa is a skin of epic rarity known for her wide variety of outfit combinations. She sports a couple of cat ears, a black leotard, and sharp brass knuckles in her rudimentary form. However, as she was part of the Chapter 3 Season 2 Battle Pass, players could work their way up to unlock her optional helmet and cape. These accessories can change colour when Erisa wears an alternate outfit, such as any of her three Super Level glowing styles.

Kakashi Hatake

You don’t have to remain a naruto fan to love how healthy Kakashi Hatake’s appearance translates into a battle royale. The base look of the legendary shinobi features the trademark military green vest with a blue jumpsuit underneath it. With her additional outfit styles, players can choose to substitute her Leaf Village headband for a scary cat mask or a completely bare face. The cosmetic has appeared in over 30 stores since its debut in late 2021, so skin collectors should get ready to see it again very soon.

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Don’t be fooled by Lexa’s rather bland appearance. Her skin has become valuable anime skin due to her hunter protocol gesture. Once activated in-game, the Emote outfits Lexa in an Iron Man-inspired suit in no time. Of course, the colour of the armoured suit will also vary, contingent on which alternative style you choose to attire with Lexa. Regrettably, the skin and Emote were only obtainable done the Chapter 2 Season 5 Battle Pass, making Lexa one of the rarest cosmetics on this list.


Megumi, also included in the Cyber ​​Infiltration Pack, is another anime skin to wear a combat uniform. Her outfit features a purple crop top and hot pink military pants with grenade holsters and medkits. However, Megumi becomes arguably the most incredible skin of the pack when you consider the variety of colourful tattoos of hers on her arms. Once the Cyber ​​Infiltration Pack returns to the store, she can expect to give up just 2,200 V-Bucks for her three different skins and accessories.

Naruto Uzumaki

It wouldn’t be a creditable list without the most popular anime skin of all: Naruto Uzumaki. Although his design lacks some details, players can’t help but fall in love when they see the character in the game. Naruto’s epic rarity outfit dazzles in his iconic black and orange Leaf Village jumpsuit, while his alternate style places the surface in an orange coat and white cape. Despite being list with a steep 1,500 V-Bucks, the crossover skin comes packaged with its dedicated Scroll Back Bling. Nature was last available in the Item Shop in July 2022, and anime fans will likely see it again before the end of the year.


Like Chigusa, Orin is known to have his edge in the game. Although the character wears only a t-shirt and jeans, his slim figure can make it nearly impossible for enemies to become a well-placed shot. Better yet, those who acquire the skin will also receive the Mechafusion Jumpkit, a Back Bling that scatters strips of orange energy waves behind Orin. The anime skin can remain found in the Item Shop on average every 36 days and is priced at 1,200 V-Bucks.


Unveiled in December 2021, Reina is Battle Royale’s only Christmas-them anime skin. The female appeal celebrates the holiday with a traditional Santa Claus coat and short reindeer antlers; although, on closer look, she is more menacing than she appears at first glance. That’s because the ammo clips and eyepatch encased in her skin make it clear that Reina has survived her fair segment of firefights. Reina hasn’t remained available since her debut, but she’s likely to return next holiday season for 1,200 V-Bucks.


The Cyber ​​Infiltration Pack remains genuinely a trifecta of lovely anime skins, especially with the inclusion of Yuki. Unlike her counterparts, Yuki remains depicted as a young student in a puffy winter coat that matches her white high-top shoes. In addition, she is the only character in the set to have an additional outfit. A style that removes Yuki’s hood to reveal her wearing a big pair of headphones. Finally, the Cyber ​​Infiltration Pack level lends owners the SL1C3 Harvesting Device that shares the same colours as its accessories.

Zoe Shock

Zoe Clash could also be in contention for the most adorable Fortnite anime skin. The Rare cosmetic comes in a belly-high sports jacket, black basketball kicks, and sleek white pants. Sgt even accompanies her. Shiba Back Bling is a giant stuff animal that covers her entire back. That said, it’s hard to say when Zoe and Shiba will be available again. Makeup were last a part of the Mainframe Break Starter Pack that could only be purchase for the duration of Chapter 3, Season 2.

All Fortnite anime skin Anime Legends Bundle Items

Gold Gear Midas Skin Fortnite anime skin

  • Midas Gold Team: Hittin’ the street and makin’ bank (Includes alt Style helmet)
  • Crash gold rear jewel: Gold first. safety second
  • 24 karat katana pickaxe : Here comes the gold rush

Golden Gear Midas has a Golden Touch ability! She applies a toon-shaded gold wrap to any equipped weapon in her outfit.

Fortnite anime skin Rox Bounce Skin

  • Ricochet Rox Outfit: Everyone’s favourite mecha-fighting miss!
  • Whirlberry ornament on the back: Ricochet Rox’s best friend!
  • Blazeberry Leaf Peak: Sharp and refreshing.

Listo Penny Skin Fortnite anime skin

  • Penny Suit Clever: She has never been caught off guard.
  • Small black bag on the back: It has everything Penny could need.
  • Shimmering Blade Pickaxe: A Gold Signature Original.

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