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Fashion Illustration Write For Us

Fashion IllustrationFashion illustration is a form of visual communication based on drawing. In the fashion world, an illustration shows everything from clothing, fashion accessories, models, or any situation related to the sector.

Fashion designers usually use it to make their sketches and design figurines, helping to capture their ideas more concretely. Still, it is also use to design fabrics and prints, one of the most demanded professional opportunities.

On the other hand, fashion illustration is used for editorials and advertising campaigns. We can see them on magazine covers, illustrating pages of an article, or used to advertise a product.

Fashion illustration has gained popularity, thanks to the internet, since we are surrounded every day by images, being another form of visual communication that can be used for many purposes and provides exclusivity.

Try Mixing Different Materials

Illustrators often use different drawing materials to evoke specific states. “The goal is to bring an energy, flow, or personality that might not be part of the original designers’ main idea,” says Karman. Incorporate your sensibility into your fashion illustration using pencil, charcoal, and painting materials, individually and mixed.


Pencil sketching helps you create precise lines, transitions, and shadows in your fashion illustration. Plus, for illustrators like Karman, it’s the first step in bringing art from imagination to paper. “I usually work with a fairly small Bristol paper and make a quick, clear pencil sketch from the reference image. So, I erase it to clarify it before moving on to the next material.” Charcoal is also beneficial, and charcoal illustrations can be more accessible and more defined with stunning gradients and organic lines.


Fashion illustrators often work with markers. “Markers allow the artist to quickly and easily create a wide range of textures that capture shadows and objects more naturally,” Hong says.


You can use different pigments with watercolors to create natural hues and transparency. “This is a light and soft method with a lot of depth, and it is one of the easiest ways to create pops of color by combining them with others,” says Hong. Conversely, you can choose tempera that offers richer, thicker, darker shades for a more opaque aesthetic.

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