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Comme De Garcons

Comme De Garcons Wallpapers –  Comme de Garçons, also known as CDG, is a Paris-based Japanese fashion brand creat and directed by Rei Kawakubo. Its French flagship store is situated in Paris. The label owns a global chain of stores with various product lines in major cities, including London, Melbourne, Hong Kong, New York, and Tokyo’s Ginza district. In addition to fashion, the label also includes jewelry and fragrances.

The firm presents its main collections during Paris Fashion Week and Paris Men’s Fashion Week. In 2017, the company and its subsidiaries were reported to have generated revenue of more than $280 million per year.

What Does Comme De Garcons Mean

What Does Comme De Garcons MeanComme des Garçons is a French phrase meaning “like some boys.” However, the proverb’s meaning does not refer to boys in its modern context. “Comme des Garçons” is a Japanese fashion brand in Paris, the world’s fashion capital.

Kawakubo founded the company in Tokyo, Japan, in the late 1960s. He was inspire by the brand name in a song, “All the Boys and Girls,” performed and recorded by Francois Hardy. “Comme des Garçons” is also the name of a popular Broadway show. The work uses structured yet exaggerated silhouettes to convey the crowd’s emotions.

Facts about Comme des Garçons that you may not know

Comme des Garçons is a Japanese brand with a French name.

Hence, Comme des Garçons was found in Tokyo, taking its name from a song record seven years before its creation: ‘All the Boys and Girls,’ by the French artist Francois Hardy. The label “something like a boy” in French has been focus on blurring gender norms long before androgynous fashion took off.

Kawakubo, founder of Comme des Garçons, did not graduate from fashion school

After graduating from Keio University with a degree in arts and literature, Kawakubo began working in the advertising department of a textile company. Later, she found her passion in fashion and slowly entered the industry as a freelance stylist. Despite not having the proper training for a career as a fashion designer, her love carried Kawakubo far, as she is present as the celebrated creator and creative director of Comme des Garçons.

Kawakubo is only the second designer to show up with an exhibit at the Met Gala.

In 2017, Comme des Garçons showed up at the Met Gala with an exciting display resembling the fashion house. Entitled Art of the In-Between, it was only the second time in the event’s history, after Yves Saint Laurent in 1983, that a living designer was feature. With more than 150 couture creations on display, the exhibition charts the house’s extraordinary journey over the past decades, from the founder’s path and philosophy in fashion to the broader perspective of his appreciation of art and culture.

Comme Des Garcons Clothing

Comme Des Garcons ClothingKawakubo intentionally created clothing that was in contrast to the work of his European colleagues. Comme des Garçons dresses used oversized shapes, used cheap fabrics that looked deliberately ripped and worn, and mainly came in black. The pieces made such an impact when Kawakubo sent them down the runway that they caused quite a bit of controversy within the conservative fashion press, who didn’t know what to make of CDG at the time.

Over the years, Comme De Garcons Wallpapers Garçons became increasingly known among industry insiders as an independent, rebellious house that championed anti-fashion, gradually developing many daring fashionistas beyond borders. Japanese. Despite the initial harsh reception from fashion critics, CDG proved itself and continued its winning streak by opening more stores not only in Paris but also in other major fashion-oriented cities like New York, London, and Beijing. He succeeded. And Seoul.

Why is CDG So Popular?

Comme De Garcons Wallpapers Garçons is consider by many to be one of the most unique and typical haute couture brands. And in my opinion, it is. The brand’s influence and impact are vast and timeless. Kawakubo has often ignored current trends when designing his collections. Each combination is like an out-of-body experience. Each show is like a living and walking art that aims to captivate the public. Dresses sent down the runway give the impression of being worn in a faraway fantasy world where nothing is as it seems.

His primary collection is consider haute couture due to its inconvenience in everyday wear. For example, in a 1982 show titled “Hoyos,” Kawakubo used clothing that had been using for months instead of more traditional fabrics like lace. Kawakubo’s love of cutting-edge and the unwearable makes Comme des Garçons special. He has never accepted traditional fashion standards and relies on his creativity, which is reflecte in his collections and has set him apart from his contemporaries. Rei Kawakubo is a sight to behold.

Is CDG A Luxury Brand?

Comme De Garcons Wallpapers GARÇONS is a luxury clothing brand. The brand’s collections are on display during Paris Fashion Week. Due to its long history and high-quality designs, its clothing costs more than other clothing brands.

Comme De Garcons Wallpapers Converse

Comme des Garcons Play and Converse are collaborating to bring a fresh take on the classic Chuck 70s from Converse. The new iteration is set to reinvent the Chuck 70 design in a new way with contrasting midsoles and toe-cap details.

The new iterations will be available in high and low options and officially unveiled on the official Converse website and in Comme des Garcons store boutiques. Converse COMME des GARÇONS PLAY sneakers are more significant than usual, like Converse shoes. As a result, it is recommend to go a half size down from your standard size when purchasing shoes.

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