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Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom : Cast, Release Date, Trailer, And Everything We Know So Far

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Till this second week of september year 2023. Aquaman and the lost kingdom felt like something like a lost film. The follow up to 2018s smash success, the director who is james wan waited to finish his another horror moive titled as Maligant and to commit directing the sequel himself, Shot in 2021, it seemed to be part of a more stabilized DC film universe as the executives behind the scenes decided to embrace a multimedia multiverse.

Then as often seems to happen in DCs cosmos, a crisis occurred. Warner Bros pictures company was unfortunately sold to discovery forming warner bros. The multiverse plan was ditched, and as things coalesced again, The Suicide Squad director James Gunn emerged as the creative head of the newly christened DC Studios. Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom chugged along through a lengthy post-production process even as the universe around it shifted and reformed. And considering the way other DC films performed (The Flash) or disappeared entirely (Batgirl), many were left to wonder if The Lost Kingdom would be postponed, as it had been for the last year, or become as immaterial as the mythical Atlantis that inspired the Aquaman lore.

But with the debut of the film’s first trailer, the Aquaman sequel is back on course and, finally, we have an opportunity to collect everything we know about the film, its place in DC’s ever-changing ambitions, and what comes next in the reign of its title character. Join us as we return to the undersea realms to find the lost kingdom.

Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom‘S Plot

Till certain period of time Aquaman sequel was hidden,but we had some thoughts about where Aquaman and the lost kingdom could pick after their first film. During an interview with Total Film,Wan revealed that the story will be largely moved by the 1960s horro film title as planet of the vampires He also hints at leaning into his horror DNA with the new film.

An official synopsis for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom reveals more. It notes:

Black mantha will do anything o take down aquaman after failing for the first time. He still wants to avenge for his fathers death With the mythical Black Trident’s power, which releases an antiquated and evil force, Black Manta is more formidable than ever this time. Aquaman will look to his imprisoned brother Orm, the previous ruler of Atlantis, to create an odd alliance in order to fight him. Together, they must put aside their disagreements in order to save their realm and prevent irreparable harm to Aquaman’s family and the Earth.

Aquaman 2 Cast

Aquaman 2 Cast


Jason Momoa will undoubtedly return to the character of Arthur Curry in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. Patrick Wilson, who plays Arthur’s half-brother Orm Marius, and Amber Heard, who plays Mera, are additional cast members that are returning. Additionally, Yahya Abdul-Matteen II has announced that he will play David Kane/Black Manta in the follow-up. Kane was saved by Dr. Stephen Shin (Randall Park) in the middle of the credits, confirming his survival and hinting to his impending return. Nicole Kidman is back as Atlanna as well, who is described as “a fierce leader and mother with the heart of a warrior.” As King Nereus, Dolph Lundgren will also return.

The cast has expanded to include Vincent Regan, Jani Zhao, and Indya Moore. Zhao will be portraying Stingray, a guy whose past is unclear. Stingray is a fictional creation made specifically for the film. In the meantime, Moore will play Karshon. This persona is a DC Comics creation. The story claims that Karshon made his debut as a villain in Green Lantern #24, published in 1963. Karshon was once a shark. Jason Momoa announced on July 28, 2022, that Ben Affleck, who previously played Bruce Wayne/Batman in the DCEU films, would also make an appearance in the picture. Of course, Affleck participated in the next Flash movie. The Warner Bros.

Studio Tour just so happened to catch both actors leaving the soundstage, despite the fact that it was obviously intended to remain a secret. Awhoops. However, according to The Hollywood Reporter, in the end

When Is The Aquaman 2 Coming Out?

It is scheduled to release on december 20,2023. The film is currently going up a stacked group of movies during the holidays season as Afterlife sequel is scheduled to relase on the same day, regardless there is a high chance that this fill will be delayed due to the ongoing WGA and SAG  stikes. The film was scheduled a year back in decmeber 2022 but postponed to 2023 march 17 and now to december 25. 2023, only to move up a few more days to its current release date.

When Will Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom Come To Streaming?

we do know that the film will eventually be made available to stream on Warner Bros’ streaming service Max, alongside other recent DC films like The Batman and Shazam! Fury of the Gods.

Is There A Trailer For Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom?

watch here Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom

Trailer youtube

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