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What are people saying about cinema in New Rochelle, NY?

This is a review for cinema in New Rochelle, NY:

This was a wonderful substitute for my preferred AMC Dine In theatre in New Jersey, where I enjoy dinner and a movie experiences. Compared to driving to NJ, it took only ten minutes. The about 30 beers on tap were what my partner enjoyed the most, and I appreciated the presence of a mni bar. Assigned seating is used, just like in New Jersey, therefore you must choose a seat when purchasing your ticket. The menu is located under the table when you sit down, and you put your order down on a piece of paper for the waitress to take. The prociutto and spinach pizza that we had was tasty and had a crispy thin crust. Compared to AMC Dine in, they offer less menu options. They have less menu options than AMC Dine in, but its a good alternative if you dont want to take the hour drive.”

Interested in seeing a movie? Any AMC theatre will be the perfect place for your group to watch a movie! You can make your days a little bit more magical with the cheapest AMC tickets available (as tried and tested by many customers)!

They have every kind of movie imaginable, no matter what genre you’re looking for! AMC Movie Theatre has created a wide variety of films, from the most popular to the ones that have been designated as such. These films range from the amusing to the heartwarming, the suspenseful to the sorrowful. They have absolutely everything!

We sell discounted tickets that may be redeemed at any of the more than 500 AMC theatres across the country.

Overview Of AMC Theatres

AMC Theatres provide one of the best and most affordable theatre experiences in the country, and they have a wide range of films that are suitable for viewers of all ages and tastes! amc movies You’ll experience the highest level of sight and sound while munching on some delicious movie theatre popcorn and your favourite confectionery. Bring your cheap tickets you purchased from FunEx today to any nearby AMC Theatres, AMC Loews, AMC Showplace, Cineplex Odeon, Magic Johnson, or Star Theatres to take advantage of the wonderful discounts we provide!

Lights And A Camera. Magic, AMC!

Lights And A Camera. Magic, AMC!

Are you prepared to experience a unique cinematic journey? The art of watching films has reimagine at AMC Theatres, becoming a memorable and engaging experience. Enter a world where watching films always feels like a big deal!

Enjoy Special Content: AMC Theatres offers a wide range of special content categories to suit all tastes, whether customers are looking for the craftsmanship of artisan films, the excitements and chills of exciting films, the global perspective of international films, the excitement of special events, the distinctiveness of Fathom Events, the inclusivity of sensory-friendly movies, or the suitability of open caption – on-screen subtitles. By ordering your inexpensive AMC Theatres tickets from FunEx right now, you can experience the magic of movies!

Benefits Of Purchasing A Discounted AMC Theatre Ticket

Cheapest tickets to the AMC Theatre!

The official supplier of cheap AMC tickets is FunEx. We are one of the biggest discount ticket vendors in the nation, and we wouldn’t have survived for more than 30 years if our clients didn’t have a lot of faith in us. You are welcome to join our family and take advantage of our special offers on AMC tickets and other tickets to places across the country!don’t have to choose a date or make a separate reservation!

You can enter whenever it’s most convenient for you with the help of our AMC tickets. The user doesn’t need to select a visitation date or make any additional bookings, making this the ideal surprise for any occasion.

Diverse Theater Formats For Every Movie Lover

AMC Theatres Offer a Wide Variety of Theatre Formats for Every Movie Fan Explore AMC Theatres to find a variety of theatre formats that are cater to individual preferences. AMC provides a variety of formats in order to improve the viewing experience because they are aware that moviegoers have a wide range of preferences.

Utilise, the premium formats from AMC to witness the height of cinematic enchantment. Dolby Cinema produces a multisensory masterpiece with clear visuals and Dolby Atmos technology, while IMAX gives unmatched visual and auditory immersion with larger-than-life screens and booming sound. With laser projection for dazzling brightness, PRIME amplifies the experience, and RealD 3D uses cutting-edge technology to bring movies to life and transport you to new 3D worlds. Enjoy films in these unique forms like never before!

Amazing Reclining Chairs! AMC Theatres

Amazing Reclining Chairs! AMC Theatres


Pass the unpleasant chairs by and welcome to total relaxation. At AMC Theatres, a comfortable viewing experience is essential. For this reason, several of their theatres now have updated seating that includes a variety of recliner alternatives. Let the magic of the movie take over as you sink into the plush leather and recline. It’s similar to enjoying a movie in the comfort of one’s own living room, only with a much larger screen and better sound!

AMC  Theatres Frequently Asked Questions

Are AMC Theatres Reservations Necessary?

No. Reservations are not necessary for any of the discounted AMC Theatre tickets that you purchase from FunEx.

Do I Have To Choose A Date In Advance To Go To AMC Theatre?

Not at all; choosing a date is not necessary. You can watch a movie at the neighbourhood theatre whenever it is most convenient for you.

These AMC Tickets Expire When?

There is no time limit on cheap AMC Theatre tickets. These AMC tickets are valid at all times.

Does My Discounted AMC Theatre Ticket Need To Be Printed?

No, all you need to do to enter easily is display your AMC Theatres reduced electronic tickets on your phone.

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