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What is Altura Crypto?

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Altura Crypto: Thousands of years ago, man began to communicate with his peers through a structured system of signs called language. Writing, understood as a graphic representation of some language, emerged to be able to preserve and transmit messages, allowing ideas to be communicated without the need for direct interaction between sender and receiver. In many cases sender and receiver are the same individual, since writing was used -and still is used- to complement our own limited memory. But sometimes the sender also want to protect his ideas from the curiosity of others. And the need arose to ensure that the message would only be able to be interprete by certain people.

It is true that on many occasions it could be enough that the message was written to make it indecipherable, since most people were simply illiterate. But if the text was valuable enough, you could always hire someone fluent in the language in which it was written to reveal its content to us, so more sophisticate methods had to be employed.

What is the Altura Crypto (ALU) Token, Smart Contract Platform?

Altura is a smart contract platform that enables game developers to mint, distribute, and trade smart NFTs that represent in-game items. Smart NFTs are NFTs with dynamic properties that can change based on certain conditions.

Smart NFTs are the next step in making decentralized elements popular in gaming and offer a wide range of potential opportunities not possible with traditional NFTs. We want to create an easy-to-use interface and API to create smart NFTs, an open marketplace for NFT transactions using the Altura token, and we want to introduce truly random smart loot boxes on the blockchain.

What is Height Altura Crypto?

What is Height Altura Crypto_

Altura is a gaming-focused smart contract platform that enables game developers to mint, distribute, and trade smart NFTs as in-game items. Smart NFTs are non-fungible tokens with dynamic characteristics that can vary based on circumstances. They are different from traditional NFTs and have the potential to make gaming assets more decentralized and popular.

Altura has an interactive interface used to create smart NFTs and an open market to trade NFTs powered by the Altura Token (ALU), a BEP20 token that is the native currency of Altura. The ALU will be use to mint and upgrade Smart NFTs, governance, and also to pay service fees.

The Altura platform provides developers with various tools and infrastructure to build and integrate Smart NFT into their gaming applications.

The platform offers the following services to its users:

  • An open market for NFT transactions.
  • A simple interface to develop smart NFTs.
  • Toolkits for integration with gaming platforms via APIs and SDKs.

How does Height Altura Crypto Work?

The Altura platform offers a single interface to build Smart NFTs and an easy-to-use API to integrate with third-party applications. It is a simple, secure and fast tool that helps developers integrate their own NFTs into their games without any programming knowledge.

Altura has also developed an open market that allows anyone to trade NFTs in minutes. The open market will allow merchants to use ALUs to trade NFTs on the platform, thereby increasing awareness and liquidity of the ALU token.

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What is Height Altura Crypto Use for?

The ALU token is the native currency of Altura and will be use by developers to pay fees on the Altura platform, create and update smart NFTs, as well as commercial NFTs on the market.

The platform enables developers to build smart NFTs and integrate them with gaming applications without the need for web3 experience. Developers can design Smart NFTs using a user-friendly interface and can connect these Smart NFTs to their platforms using SDKs and APIs.

Market Height

Altura will provide a native marketplace for NFT transactions created through Altura. The marketplace will allow anyone to list their NFTs at any price or sell them through auction. The market will be open for anyone to list any NFT. However, users will have the option to only view NFTs created by verified game developers.

The Altura marketplace is an open marketplace that makes it easy for developers to classify their items separately from the masses. Game developers will be verify through a manual verification system conduct by Team Altura. Verified game items will be separate from the masses to provide a noise-free market for legitimate projects. Verified gaming items listed by individuals will also belong to the noise-free market. The lister doesn’t matter in this case, only the item. All transactions made on the Altura marketplace will be settled in the native Altura token and sellers will receive the Altura token. Additionally, loot boxes can also be sold on the market.

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Altura Crypto Tab

There is a maximum supply of 1 billion ALUs. However, only 220 million ULAs are in circulation at the time of this writing. 450 million ALUs are locke in procurement contracts dedicate to marketing, sourcing for potential DEX and CEX listings, operation and development, bookings and consulting, and staffing. Additionally, 330 million is locke in another takeover deal. Which is to be release to private investors and IDO investors over a period of time.

Where to Buy the Altura Crypto Token?

The ALU cryptocurrency can be trade on the following exchanges:

  • io
  • BKEX
  • Pancake Swap (V2)

Price Forecast Height (Alu)

Altura price is forecast to hit a high of $0.1239 during 2022. As early as 2023, according to our crypto price prediction index, Altura (ALU) could hit a 2023 high of $0.2385, with an average trading price of $0.1773.

In 2025, according to our crypto price prediction index, ALU should cross an average price level of $0.2875. The minimum expected value of Altura’s current year-end price should be $0.2655. Also, ALU can reach a maximum price level of $0.2930.

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Altura makes it possible to integrate blockchain-based assets into your applications without the need for web3 knowledge. Altura provides the tools and infrastructure for developers to build and integrate Smart NFT into their games and apps. With Altura, developers can program dynamic features into their NFTs.

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